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How to Read the Bible

How To Read The Bible

The books of the Bible are called Testaments for a reason. “Knowledge puffs up while love builds up” Corinthians NIV).

Overview of Daniel Infographic - Illustration--what a beautiful story of extraordinary faith, we can all stand to be a little more like Daniel! :-)

Some key teaching points and applications from the Old Testament book of Daniel. Overview of Daniel Infographic - Illustration.

The following Bible verses have been removed from the NIV and some placed in footnotes.   Check your Bible Translation to see if any of these verses are missing.

Bible Verses Deleted

brand, ideas, story, style, my life: antek-antek setan berusaha memanipulasi alkitab NI.

Fear and trust in the Psalms, from the Illustrated Online Bible Study: www.bibleversesabout.org/bible/

BATTLING FEAR: The number of verses in Psalms that portray the writer's raw human FEAR versus their decision to TRUST in God no matter the situation.