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Right about now I am literally rolling on the floor dying of cuteness! :D Espeon and Umbreon are by far my favorite pokemon "couple" and this is just to great. Can't... stop... admiring... CUTENESS!!!


Whenever I'm playing "Pokemon Go" and I see an Eevee, I stop dead in my tracks so that I can catch it, even if that means neglecting other Pokemon that have also spawned. But Eevee isn't the strongest Pokemon, or the one with the best moves, or even

EDIT: Now with Sylveon added This took me aages to finish. I've been working on it on and off for over a month and I finally decided to finish it after ... Chibi Eeveelutions animated

Eevee is Just Too Cute

And so because of this I remember that I traded a Legendary Pokemon Card for Eevee and all her evolutions... I'm still contemplating if it was worth it or not... but I LOVE EEVEE NONETHELESS

Pokémon - Everything is great about this. Vaporeon freaking out because Jolteon is biting its tail. Leafeon calmly nomming on Espeon, and poor Umbreon's face...

Community Post: Pokemon Nouveau

Art Nouveau of Leafeon! I'm starting to become Pokemon'd out. D: Thank you for viewing! Hope you all like! Pokemon does not belong to me. Textures: `clo... leafeon

Community Post: Pokemon Nouveau

Art Nouveau of Flareon! Done! :] Decided to enter this into a contest, too! Thank you for viewing! Pokemon does not belong to me. Textures: `cloaks, =ni... flareon

Umbreon using Phychic Flareon using Flamethrower Espeon using The Stare Glaceon in/using Blizzard Leafeon using The Stare Jolteon using Thunder Vaporeon using Hydro Pump<-wow, someone did their research