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How to Love Yourself | stop all criticism; don't scare yourself; be gentle, kind and patient; be kind to your mind; praise yourself; support yourself; be loving; take care of your body ...

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Love Yourself God's Way

25 Ways to Love Yourself God's Way - free printable download.

28 Ways to Love Yourself Free Filofax Printable

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Love Yourself - Art Print

Love Yourself - Art Print. $30.00, via Etsy.

22 Ways to Love Yourself More. BTW, this blog, "Happily Imperfect" is on Psych Central and is AMAZING. I suggest you check it out.

Pre-Writing Task #3: Do Your Homework on Your Characters (in 3 Parts) Part 1: Character Backstory Plot and character work hand in hand. You can’t fully understand where your plot needs to go until you understand the characters who will be driving it. Start your exploration of character by investigating your protagonist’s backstory. Remember, however, that a character’s backstory only matters insofar as it affects the main conflict. Ask the following questions: What events in the…

If every woman in the world woke up tomorrow and decided that she loved herself and loved her body just the way it is, how many industries would go out of business?

Love yourself... enough to take the actions required for your happiness…enough to cut yourself loose from the drama-filled past... enough to set a high standard for relationships... enough to feed your mind and body in a healthy manner... enough to forgive yourself... enough to move on. - Steve Maraboli

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