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Illustration from The Fairy Mythology by Thomas Keightley, 1892. From "The Fairies’ Passage: Journeys of the Fae" by Carolyn Emerick.

"Arianrhod" illustrates the goddess within Celtic myth that is known to carry souls of deceased to Emania

BEL; 'Celtic (Irish) Fire and sun God, also God of purification, science, fertility, crops and success. Symbolizes element of fire, health. A sun and fire God closely connected with the Druids and the festival of Beltaine (May 1). Variants: Belenus, Belinos, Beli Mawr (Wales)'.

Culhwch and his companions at Ysbadadden's court. Image by E. Wallcousins in "Celtic Myth & Legend", Charles Squire, 1920.

Llew Llaw Gyffes….Celtic (Irish & Welsh) God of harpers, healing, poets, smiths, sorcerers, and waters. Son of Arianrhod and raised by his uncle Gwydion. A curse prohibited him from having and earthly wife, so his uncles made him one out of flowers and named her Blodeuwedd. She and her lover, Gronw Pebr, plotted Llew's death, but because of Llew's divine origins, the death simply became an annual duel between the two men. His symbol is a white stag, and is celebrated on August 1, the…

Sequana’s themes are wishes, youthfulness, luck, health, and movement.  Her symbols are ducks and boats.  A Celtic river Goddess, Sequana flows in with April showers, raining good health and improved fortunes upon us. Statuary of Her shows Sequana standing in a duck-shaped boat (the duck is Her sacred animal) with open arms ready to receive our prayers.

In Celtic lore, cranes are sacred to the Triple Goddess and serve as messengers of the gods. Here they form the trunk and foundation of the Tree of Life (Tree of Birth), crann bethadh in Irish Gaelic, as tradition holds that both parents incubate the eggs and are protective of the young.

The family bloodlines of the Tuatha Dé Danann as they come to us from mythology, and there are many stories their relationships can be confusing. I'm not altogether certain about this family tree, there seems to be some inconsistencies...!!!