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The First Jack-O-Lanterns Were Monstrosities Carved From Turnips

Carving pumpkins for Halloween can be a major and messy undertaking, but once I get started, I become a bit obsessed and want to hack hideous faces and spooky designs into everything I can get my hands on. Beware, produce section! I'm coming for you...

Gena Rumple's Steampunk Pumpkins

Here is an affordable way to turn your Halloween Trick-or-Treat plastic pumpkin bucket into a Steampunk Pumpkin. All you need is a few things lying ar...

49 Free Templates For the Coolest Jack-o'-Lantern on the Block

Jack-o'-Lantern Templates For the Geekiest Pumpkin on the Block. Doctor who, Star Wars, pokemon, etc.

It sounded like a good idea. A few days before Halloween, you packed up the kids for a jaunt to the city aquarium. And then you gave them a lifelong case of PTSD as they stood before the glass, watching helplessly as an octopus wrapped its horrible tentacles around a cheerful jack-o'-lantern and slowly absorbed the orange flesh into its slimy cephalopod body. Yes. A good idea at the time.