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I could get this to fit into the new entertainment center....hmmmm great idear!

Hmmmm, don't let Dave pick your size in future, not sure it fits properly :-)

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Hmmmm. Sit-ups? I've got a better idea. What about sit-downs? I do those all the time anyway, so I'm quite experienced with the concept. When you're ready to hit the gym (or the couch), grab this ironic fitness shirt today!

What Super Power Should You Actually Have I got white hot puns. Hmmmm. Fits I guess!

Strange But True Fitness Tips Hmmmm I"m not sure about this, but it's worth a try! Let me find my red shirt!...lol

The 2008 Drop a Jeans Size Workout (Fitness Magazine) Hmmmm.... Not sure how I feel about this one, maybe I'll try it.

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