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I know, right?! I hate it! I miss long summer nights, daylight until pm. I can't wait until Spring is back!! ☀️☀️☀️

Who Designs This Stuff?

I would so buy this in five seconds if I had kids and force them to wear these to school 😂😂

Incognito Mode Yearbook

More from my Wacky “Soon” Images – Attach Soon To Anything and Makes it Creepy!?Web browsers as modes of transportationRAGE MODE: This is What Happens After The Loading Bar Reaches Random Interesting Facts That Are Weird But True…

Finally The Bieber Cult Is Ending

Finally The Bieber Cult Is Ending <-- -gasps- Someone buy this girl a book quick, before her young impressionable mind is drawn in again by some whining drug abusing teeny bopper << quick, cut up the Twilight poster too