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"SUNBURN TATOO [sic] - - Clara Bow, Paramount’s dynamic redhead, prepares herself for the seasonal pastime of sunburning a design upon her shoulder. Cutout figures of any pattern may be used. Just stick them on that part of the body you wish to decorate and let the sun do the rest."

I had this on my wall but I ended up repositioning the branches and leaves on canvas and added paper cutouts of birds in a retro color scheme. Putting it on the canvases makes it look cleaner and more high end.

red bellied robin The red-breasted robin symbolizes growth in all areas of your life, and rebirth of the spirit. The robin's red breast is seen as the life force that resides within. Growth does not often occur overnight, it can be a slow, trying process and the results are not always immediate or apparent. Stick with it, however, and keep the happiness of the robin's song in mind. Approach life with a joyful, open heart, and all the growth you crave will come to you over time.

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