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When Jade Beall published a series of self-portraits of her semi-nude postpartum body online -- and a followup semi-nude photo of a friend that got thousands of "likes" and shares from her photography studio's Facebook page -- she realized she’d struck a nerve. Hundreds of mothers wrote to her, hoping Beall would be willing to take portraits of them "just ...

Violation of the US Flag Code. The Marine should have known better too. Pimp the flag for a buck. Do not repin without this disclaimer. The use of the flag in this manner is a VIOLATION OF THE US FLAG CODE. I have always hated when Photographers or people in general do stuff like this with the American Flag.. Now if they want to use a sheet or towel then fine but this is just disrespectful... Or when a woman drapes the flag over her semi nude body for photos.. yea no DISRESPECTFUL....

Brooklyn, NY "I understand now that fashion itself is an art form, you express everyday just by getting dressed. Art is in my blood I absolutely love it."- me *I do not claim to own any of the photo's used, unless otherwise stated .

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