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Ohio Greyhound Gathering & Adoption just spent 9 days searching for Stud Muffin, a young grey. He came off the track & bolted out of his foster's front door on 04/11. We'd like to thank the wonderful greyhound groups & community members who helped us . . . We were elated to have him home as of Tues, 04/19/16! Stud was exhausted, thin, ready to be found & is doing well. We revoked our boy's passport & hope this 'greyt adventure' will be enough to last him for his lifetime! gotgr8hounds

They are my baby girls and one of my greatest loves; they are my dogs. They are the only ones who are always happy to see me, no matter how long we have been apart; I love my sweet dogs with all my heart and no matter what they do, I will always love them

Maggie in Lights - "Maggie is a rescue pet. She was SO wild & unruly. Underneath it all, I saw this very funny, fun-loving, happy, laid-back & patient dog. She's a therapy dog - & I guess she's just used to wearing things!!!"

No track, no crowd, no bets, no competition - just speedy glee! (Greyhound on the run by Elizabeth Wenner, via Flickr)..They love to run!!

Whippet - fluffy yellow jumper. This just makes me happy! ..... Yes, I'm glad that her owner recognizes that dogs aren't immune to the cold. I see "naked" dogs being walked on the street of New York in frigid weather and it breaks my heart.