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They died together in a tank on June,25 1941 during the WW II,people of different nations

Ace Luftwaffe fighter pilot Franz Xaver, Baron von Werra, an impoverished Baron of Swiss ancestry. He was shot down over Britain and captured. He escaped his POW camp in Canada and returned to Germany via the USA, Mexico, South America and Spain. Von Werra reported to the German High Command on his civilised treatment as a POW. This led to the improved treatment of allied POWs in Germany.


Meet The Man Who Sneaked Into Auschwitz

In September of 1940, Witold Pilecki (May 13, 1901 – May 25, 1948) was a Polish Resistance solider who wanted to know the truth about Auschwitz. He volunteered to infiltrate the nazi death camp, spending the next 2.5 years as a prisoner. On his escape, Pilecki smuggled details about the nazi methods of execution and interrogation and eventually authored the first WWII intelligence report on the concentration camp.

Don Adams (né Donald J. Yarmy) (1923-2005) USMC 1941-45 WW II. Enlisted in the Marine Corps and assigned to 3rd Marines. Participated in the Battle of Guadalcanal and was wounded by small-arms fire. Contracted malaria and blackwater fever and spent a year in a Navy hospital in New Zealand. After recovery served as a Marine drill instructor. Best remembered for his role as secret agent Maxwell Smart in the TV series “Get Smart”.


Bjork - Vulnicura [Vinyl New]

1941 Netherlands WW II SILVER 25 Cents HIGH GRADE Queen Wilhelmina Coin

Novi Sad, Yugoslavia​, Lili Boehm is being hanged by Hungarian soldiers, 25/11/1941​.

Finnish Assault Gun Battalion,1943. Picture taken during The Continuation War, 25 June 1941 – 19 September 1944. This was the second of two wars fought between Finland and the Soviet Union during World War II. Finland perceived the war as a continuation of Winter War. The Soviets saw the war as a part of its struggle against Germany and its allies.


Baby elephant kept as pet to save her from WW2 blitz

Because of the bombing in 1941, many animals in the Belfast Zoo were killed due to fears of them escaping. This baby elephant named Shelia was kept for months in this unknown woman's backyard, until it was safe for her to return to the zoo. Happily Sheila went on to survive the war, living another 25 years until her death at the zoo in 1966.

the B-25 Mitchell bomber "Miss Mitchell" (Highlights of the Commemorative Air Force Midland Airshow, UK).