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If We Pay Attention, We're Enticed (June 2) -

Henry could barely contain his excitement. It was the right moon. It was the right rock. He held up the banana to the sky; it matched perfectly. The treasure must be here.

When The Day Met The Night // Panic! At the Disco) when the moon found the sun he looked like he was barely hanging on (…)

Moonlit night, moon, winter trees, isolated, night .... Premade BG 96, by~Brenda Starr~via Flickr.

Does this just look like it is resting on the earth or what?

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"Georgia is the location for this almost terrifying mammatus sunrise. The deep red and yellow was likened to the inside of a volcano, and the fast moving clouds swept along a giant flock of buzzards on their thermals. Apocalyptic indeed."

“Never give up, never look down and never look back. Always move forward in life. Don’t let anyone make you feel as if you don’t belong or unworthy of…ever. Those that do are just not strong enough to handle such greatness. Be proud of who you are. Always walk with your head high, you are never alone.” - Anon