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F.C.C. Asks Comcast AT&T and T-Mobile About Zero-Rating Services The Federal Communications Commission said it was exploring whether new video streaming services from Comcast T-Mobile USA and and AT&T violate net neutrality rules. Technology Net Neutrality

Commentary: A proposal by Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler calls for cable companies like Comcast to "unlock the set-top box." Unlocking isn't enough. The box should die, once and for all, and be replaced by apps.

FCC questions T-Mobile AT&T and Comcast over free data programs The Federal Communications Commission has sent letters to T-Mobile AT&T and Comcast asking for information on programs that allow their customers to stream music videos or other content without having it count toward their data cap. The inquiry is a big deal. Net neutrality advocates argue that these programs violate the commission's rules giving a distinct competitive advantage to the apps and services that they let customers…

The nation’s largest cable company backed out on an agreement to buy the second-largest cable company, Time Warner Cable. Comcast had gotten used to getting its way in Washington, most recently in its 2011 takeover of NBC Universal. Just as it had with the NBC transaction, Comcast doubtlessly planned to work the refs at the Federal Communications Commission, and the Department of Justice, negotiating conditions on the merged company’s conduct that wouldn’t fundamentally restrain its power…

DRUDGE : "VERIZON Mocks '1930's Rules' With Statement -- In Morse Code... | 2.26.15 | "FCC Votes In Favor Of Rules Aimed At Enforcing ‘Net Neutrality’" "The Federal Communications Commission has agreed to impose strict new regulations on Internet service providers like Comcast, Verizon and AT&T." "Verizon said in a statement — which was originally released in Morse code — that the FCC’s move imposes 1930s rules on the Internet."

How much does MTV really cost? We're about to find out. Federal Communications Commission plans to lift the veil on how much Comcast and AT&T pay for every channel from ABC to MTV.

Trumps FCC just dropped all investigations into zero-rating practices Theres a new FCC in town and it isnt wasting any time. Mobile carriers can rest easy today knowing that the Federal Communications Commission is no longer pursuing an investigation into mobile plans that dont count services like streaming video or musicagainsta users data consumption. The practice is more commonly known as zero-rating. Carriers putting forth theseplans which let providers deem particular data streams…

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