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#Kvarterettattoo http://www.kvarterettattoo.se @LindaGau

Mandala with 3D cubes

Mary Jane Studio: Kvarteret Tattoo (Midsommarkransen) Midsommarvägen 66 Stockholm, Sweden lustforlife.hb@gmail.com

Kvarteret Tatuering The neighborhood is a studio in the heart of Midsommarkransen and has a broad knowledge of the tattoo. The studio is relatively newly opened, and opened its doors in spring 2012. The studio is inspected and approved by the City of Stockholm (Environment & Health). VillHa helped to develop a logo that would be simple but yet have a distinctive character that sticks to the cornea. http://www.villha.se/branding_Kvarteret_Tatuering

Kvarteret Tattoo in DemBow #Kvarterettattoo http://www.kvarterettattoo.se

Free Hand. @EnriqueAlberto. #Kvarterettattoo http://www.kvarterettattoo.se

Waiting for his customer for some pain. #Kvarterettattoo http://www.kvarterettattoo.se

#Kvarterettattoo http://www.kvarterettattoo.se @HuanyDharmagraph

Piroz Kianersi #Kvarterettattoo http://www.kvarterettattoo.se

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