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Collected and cherished by people in many countries, Mata Ortiz Pottery is one of the finest and most innovative ceramics in the world. So much so that lectures and discussions about the art of Mata Ortiz have become very popular events.

Hopi Pottery from Sikyatki

Pottery seed pot by Dee Johnson Setalla (Hopi) $2,000.00. Dee Johnson Setalla was born in 1963 and is a member of the Bear Clan. He started making pottery around the age of six and was taught by his mother Pauline Setalla and his paternal aunt "Fawn" Navasie.

The daughter of the famous Hopi pottery maker Nampeyo. ca. 1907. Arizona. Photo by Carl Moon. Source - New York Public Library. via Moses on the Mesa FB

Al Qoyawayma Hopi Pottery, Sculpture and Pottery