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Valentines day is a day full of romance and love, people look for their valentines and many just limit love to this day only. The honor and dignity of many are torn apart but yet one doesn't think when desires prevail and clouds his intellect and mind. Islam firstly teaches that one is only allowed to fulfill his desires through marriage, and secondly not restrict love to specific dates but rather everyday is a valentines day in a life of a Muslim.

Flying the Isis flag is legal, Sweden declares Waving the Isis flag 'is not an expression of disrespect towards any ethnic group' because Isis is 'against everyone except those who belong to Isis'. Never mind Islamic scripture's call to kill gays, blasphemers, apostates and "disbelievers", or for men to beat their wives. Apparently ethnic hatred is the only kind worth worrying about. If we allow Islamic symbols, KKK and Nazi stuff should be allowed too.

Democracy and the Jewish state 12-1-14 by DG Never mind islamic state and its boxes of heads.Consensus among politicians and media is that real crisis in Region is Jewish state is declaring itself a Jewish state?

Open minded is...? Menerima aturan islam

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