INDUSTRIAL-STRENGTH POLLOCK In 1936, Pollock worked with industrial paint and spray cans at the Experimental Workshop in Union Square.

This is.... A brand new series from Laurence King Publishing... 'This is' rethinks art history. A unique approach in which texts by art h...

While working off my tuition at my college library I would sit between the racks and pour over the art books and this was one of the books I read.

~ author of Noddy and my favorite, the Famous Five ~ children's book author ~ stories with adventures and mysteries that involve children ~

Andy Warhol's childhood bedroom, Jackson Pollock's barroom misadventures, and Salvador Dali's royally weird product designs spring to candy-colored life in a new book series that pictures art world super heroes as eccentric graphic-novel characters.

DK Eyewitness Books: Ecology by Brian Lane, - $12.40

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