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It can be challenging to attempt traveling with a child who deals daily with autism or related disorders. But Jean Grant went anyway. Read her story.

from Autism Parenting Magazine

Issue 51 - School: Preparing Your Child for Transition

Features: +Using Simple Rewards to Get Your Child with Autism to School on Time! +5 Top Ways to Emotionally Connect with Your Child with Autism +Sure Fire Ways to Combat Back-to-School Anxiety with Autism +Get Those Heels Down! Innovative Ways to Deal With Toe Walking +The Important Difference Between Conversation and Communication with Autism +5 Simple Ways to Revitalize Your Daily Life +Able2learn Reinvents Special Needs Learning with Free Resources +Valuable Tips for Resolving Sleep Is

from The Huffington Post

Temple Grandin's Mother Hurls Autism Into Child Pornography

Temple Grandin's mother Eustacia Cutler has issued a disturbingly harmful judgment of autism and autistic men in her article in the Daily Beast. Her article deals a serious blow to the push for more educated, informed opinions about autism and autistic people.

from Singing through the Rain

Understanding SPD & Myths About Autism

Understanding SPD and Myths about Autism » just to be clear ... Did you know that every child that has Autism has SPD, but not every child who has SPD has Autism? That means every autistic child has severe sensory problems as well. (Please read the article)

What is Autism Hangout? AUTISM HANGOUT is an online discussion forum that reports news, complies facts and community-submitted personal experiences and invites ongoing discussion to discover insights on how best to deal with the daily challenges of autism.


Living Autism Day-by-Day: Daily Reflections and Strategies to Give You Hope and Courage (Paperback)

Living Autism Day-by-Day: Daily Reflections and Strategies to Give You Hope and Courage

MyAutismTeam is the social network for parents of children with autism. Here you can share daily experiences & questions, and find recommendations of local autism specialists (from doctors and OTs, to barbers and dentists).

Do concerns with germs, cleanliness or safety and compulsive rituals make daily life difficult? It's time to take action. Dealing with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder...