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Recently, a 62-year-old truck driver arrived at a Montgomery County HVAC facility and began unloading a shipment of PVC pipes. As he was working, the load shifted, fatally crushing him. The tragic workplace accident occurred just before 8:00 a.m. in July in Limerick Township. Truck drivers make great sacrifices so that we, as consumers, can [ ] The post Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Fatal Work Accident for Trucker appeared first o

A Montgomery County corrections officer recently lost his life after sustaining a severe head injury in a fall accident while guarding inmates at Pennsylvania’s maximum security State Correctional Institute at Graterford. His fall occurred in a prison yard while inmates were playing flag football. He was the only guard present in the yard at the [ ] The post Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Corrections Officer Fatal Work Injury app

There can be no question that truckers perform an essential service that supports our economy and our way of life. As Americans increasingly rely on online retailers to shop for everything from clothes, medication, and even groceries, we often take for granted that these essentials make it to our doors thanks to the hard work [ ] The post Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Cutbacks in Benefits for Truckers appeared first on Eric Borjes

One of the things that law enforcement officers should know is the extent of the medical benefits offered to them as part of their compensation package. In a high-risk job like that of a police officer, on-the-job injuries and trauma are not uncommon. In situations where suspected criminals are combative while being arrested or apprehended, [ ] The post Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Injuries for Law Enforcement appeared first on E

Crane related accidents account for a significant number of injuries and fatalities in the construction, manufacturing, maritime, and transportation industries. Although the use of cranes is very effective and often necessary, crane operators and other workers on jobsites are at risk for serious injuries. Proper training and communication, along with safety measures established by OSHA, [ ] The post Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: C

When an employee has been injured at work and files a Workers’ Compensation claim, they may eventually be cleared to return to work, but with restrictions on their job function. This is called "light duty." Light duty is meant to be a temporary situation that allows the injured or ill worker to be productive during [ ] The post Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Discuss Light Duty appeared first on Eric Borjeson and Associates.

A lawsuit has been filed in Florida on behalf of 38 former pro football players asserting they developed chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) as a result of head injuries sustained in NFL games; and therefore, are entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits for their injuries. Historically, the NFL has denied individual Workers’ Compensation claims filed due to [ ] The post Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: NFL Sued for Workers

Physical therapy is an important part of many Workers’ Compensation cases, and it is often a critical aspect of an injured worker’s recovery from a work injury. Most injuries suffered on the job that result in Workers’ Compensation claims require physical therapy. If you have been hurt at work, it is important to follow all [ ] The post Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Physical Therapy appeared first on Eric Borjeson and Associ

Uber drivers are continuing to fight for employee protections typically not available to independent contractors, such as Workers’ Compensation eligibility. Uber drivers face many of the same injury risks that affect taxi drivers, including back problems and kidney problems caused by sitting and driving for long periods of time, as well as injuries caused by [ ] The post Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Uber Drivers Fight for Benef

Occupational fatigue can cause short-term cognitive and physical impairment that can lead to illnesses and injuries at work. In some cases, occupational fatigue has resulted in disasters like Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Exxon Valdez. Occupational fatigue is defined as a decreased ability to perform activities due to mental or physical exhaustion. In order to [ ] The post Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Occupational Fatigue app