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Rough Comp #3 Spagetti Revolution will probably do a full vector of a spagetti fist over the next week so this fist will act as a placeholder until then. I cant see this comp working any other way then a fist rising from a frying pan as shown. Text missing for now

Rough Comp #2 Balance Shrimp might need to add more rice and some more veggies but the layout is coming along nicely. Text missing for now

AVT 311: Project 1: "Object Semantics: Ad Series" Research.

i love how the type is created by food, an object that isn't traditionally used to create type.

Another version for my mouse ad, Mouse vs Mouse maze race. I thought it was a clever idea. Not sold on the color scheme so far. Maybe play around with it. As for the font of the text, probably change that too.

Also not about the can opener, but I like the layout of the ad and how they laid out the text around the object.

Rough Comp #1 "Egg Love" gonna try to incorporate a frying pan in each ad but may change that premise later. this one looks like a really good start though. Text missing for now

I like how duct tape is incorporated in the text element. - How can I find out which server hosts LDAP on my windows domain? - Stack Overflow

For the sake of variation I added a bar to frame the text up top. I also changed the text in the center to center justification and added the logo, but I still have my doubts about it.