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Emotional abuse is a devastating, debilitating heart and soul mutilation. The deepest lasting wound with any abuse is the emotional wound. Your heart knows the truth listen to it. Love yourself and your heart enough to just let go.♥ YOU deserve SO much more ! - Whoever wrote this, I can't find better words to decribe the emotions running down my veins while reading. Thank you, Geert

Was I still...the best to you? You said before if it's worth anything it was great to be with me like that again. I was a little nervous. Obviously. And I was a little tentative with my kiss because I wanted to be sure that you wanted kiss you. I know you said it was different but not in a bad way? How was it different? And together like that...we...are the best...still.

22 Secret Thoughts All Bookworms Have

Book humor jokes about the secret thoughts all bookworms have.

And to knowingly let a man use you thinking he "loves" you just to get what he needs... Your craving the love and affectionbbut it comes at a cost that's not worth the heartache. While your being used, there's a man praying for a woman like you. Don't EVER forget your own self worth!