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30-Minute Strength Program - These moves will help you not only lose fat but also get a sleeker body and boost calorie burn all day long—thanks to extra muscle. Each one calls on multiple muscles, fitness expert Keli Roberts explains, so “your body burns more calories than if it were doing a single-focus exercise like biceps curls.” Plus, every move is designed to shape your muscles, improve your posture, and build your core, so even everyday activities become easier to do. If you recently…

Check out this 4 day strength program that will actually make you stronger. The days of listening to posts about "adding 500 pounds to your lifts" are over.

Fitwirr Women's Dumbbell Workout Exercise Poster 19X27 Great for Home Workouts - Dumbbell Exercises - Create Your Own Workout Routines - Fitness Programs - Strength Training Exercises To Tone Up

A two day per week workout template for great results. If you're short on time or want to combine strength training with other activities, this is for you.

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