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The fallen Princesses of Dina Goldstein

In her series titled 'Fallen Princesses', Goldstein sought to portray the princesses dealing with current issues, such as addiction, self-image and illness. here, Prince charming is waiting while the sleeping beaty is... well... still sleeping! :)

Look closely at the picture above. What do you see? Most likely, you see a heterosexual couple in the act of lovemaking. Interestingly though, research has shown that young children tend not to see the couple due to their not having prior knowledge of sex and romantic intimacy. What young children see instead are nine small black dolphins! See if you can conjure up your long lost childhood innocence and find the nine dolphins! psychology

THE MARTIAN - Mars exploration vehicle. NASA is currently working on a vehicle that will be able to navigate tough terrain with the Multi-Mission Space Exploration Vehicle (MMSEV), which bears a resemblance to the rover used by astronaut Mark Watney in the film