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Kompot: The Fruit Punch of Eastern Europe

Kompot: The Fruit Punch of Eastern Europe - 1lb fresh frozen or dry fruit, water, sugar.

Kompot - Berry Juice (Компот)

Kompot is an easy to make homemade berry juice. Nice and refreshing to drink on a hot summer's day. (Компот)

Homemade Juice (Kompot)

Easy Homemade Juice. So nice to have a constant pitcher of chilled juice all summer long! @NatashasKitchen

Polish Dried Fruit Compote (Kompot)

Polish dried fruit compote, known as kompot, is a traditional stewed-fruit dessert for a traditional Christmas Eve dinner, known as wigilia.

Smaczna Pyza: Śliwki w syropie albo słodki kompot śliwkowy

Homemade Juice (Kompot)

Kompot is a fruit juice made by nearly every Russian and Ukrainian family. There are a gazillion ways to make it. It all depends on the fruit you have on hand. Your kompot will surely taste different than mine (I am very curious how you...

21 Polish Foods You Need to Try That Aren’t Pierogi

Poland has a variety of tasty foods that every traveler needs to try at least once.