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'be the change you wish to see in the world' I'm Maddy Currently living my life down on the handsome island of Tasmania, Australia, loving animals, food, nature and running.

"The editors of The New York Times Sunday Review asked eight artists to draw a monster that embodies their deepest or most irrational fear — a creature that belongs not to the monsters of history but to their private horrors. SAM WEBER Both my parents hav

Bronze Lion Head Collar/Cardigan Clip

What more could anyone want than a couple of noble lions to accompany them about their day? These lions are sure to take your style up a notch.

Hey, my name is Anna and i'm My birthday is December I like watching youtube videos all day long, play with my dogs and just enjoy life. I really hope you'll like my blog and feel free to...

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Harry's new twitter icon. I love him. Thank you to everyone who is following me(: 600 followers(: I can't believe there is 600 of you following me!! What should i Improve on this? Tell me! Thank you to all of you(:

An entry from For Emma, Forever Ago

thisiswander: “ Joram Nathanael Switzerland Minolta SR-T | Rolleiflex | Olympus | Nikon Please tell us about one of your adventures. What shenanigans do you get up to out there? One...

It doesn't matter what hair color he has. Evan peters will always be gorgeous

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