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5SOS Call Taylor Swift "Destructive"? What We Learned From Their Howard ...

most of all i just you know want to hang out with michael and sit on the floor and play video games, eat pizza and freak out about how fluffy the mic is

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5sos Adopted Me

Calum had to say it

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This is my favorite 5sos video and always will be

Ashton: knew it was coming________ Calum: confused __________________ Michael: gets it 20 sec later_________ Luke: has no idea whats going on. Pretty much their usual selves lol but we still adore them

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Noelito Flow

I think it's funny Ashton like just tells Michael he is yelling and like doesn't ask him to stop or anything.

Interviews with 5SOS in them are always a mess... But, they're always hilarious and they never get old XD

He is such an Angel And i love him yeah i know probably a lot of other girls do too but i mean hes kind caring and sweet and thats what i love about him and i know he will probably never see this but if he does all i wanna say is thank you for being you Michael and I love you to the moon and back

this was the most hilarious interview i have ever seen in my whole entire life. i seriously died omg XD