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Sink Holes of the World - Bing Images

MASSIVE MYSTERY CRATER AT "END OF THE WORLD".....Enormous Hole Draws Urgent Attention of Scientists! Speculation is "sink hole, meteorite or hold on to your hats - global warming!" WHOA!!

4. Sarisarinama The Sarisarinama holes of Venezuela are a mysterious and beautiful natural wonder. There are several of these perfectly round basins that are each 350m in diameter and over 350m deep. Scientists aren’t sure how these stunning sink holes originated, but they are awe-inspiring nonetheless; each hole contains unique ecosystems with many distinct plant and animal species found nowhere else on earth. You can view video footage of a flight over the largest hole here.

A popular (and dangerous) diving site on east Sinai on the coast of the Red Sea a few miles north of the small town of Dahab, The Sinai Blue Hole is a submarine sinkhole which is around 130m deep. The sink hole is renowned for scuba attempts and free-diving, while the surrounding area has an abundance of corals and reef fish. However, it is also renowned for its danger and has been labeled “the World’s most dangerous dive site”. 17

The 2007 Guatemala City Sinkhole: This sink hole was large enough to swallow up about a dozen homes which fell 330 feet down into the hole.

Around June 7th 2010, a strange hole appeared in the middle of Guatemala City, Mexico. Many said it was a sink hole but the hole is almost a perfect circle almost like it was drilled in to the ground. First thought in my mind when I saw the photos, "War of the Worlds".

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