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Charley Pride Talks About 50 Years in Country Music and Predicts His Texas Rangers Will Win the World Series. (I wouldn't bet on the last part!)

How Your Personality Type Predicts What Your Dream Job Will Be
from Elite Daily

How Your Personality Type Predicts What Your Dream Job Will Be

We don’t see or feel more dimensions; nevertheless, theoretical physics predicts that they should exist. Here's why that matters.

magic 8 ball predicts: velvet | designlovefest

One of the most powerful lessons I teach my students: developing and nurturing a "growth mindset."


da-vhenan: Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you The Star - Lavellan The Star looks to the future and predicts hope, healing, and powerful change. She brings aid and assistance through hard times, and stands on the precipice of a new dawn. Heaven is her guide, and faith both personal and divine is her cornerstone. (x)

But do you realize the significance of those words in reference to HER death. Sam we learn in Bloody Mary had been having dreams/visions of her dying just like his mother...and then she says this?

"How Many Letters in Your Name?" Great for the first week of school!