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This caught my eye - is this a new fashion style "Kimono Lolita"? Also - cat ears. Rawr.:

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It´s the first night that I give a star a name just for remembering the person I liked and made two syns. 1. Made my heart cry 2. He didn´t had the courage for coming back as a good friend of mine. That star is him but is his spark of joy in the sky so I can see it ; and ´cause he changed tht he lost the joy for life.

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it's only yellow but put mellow darker colours about all of it and it will look like it's glowing

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Stairs Tapestry

Sometimes, We All Need To Slow Down And Enjoy The Seasons.

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"Love is not something that you fall in love with. Love is an internal spiritual condition that permeates our whole being." Khalil Gibran