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Here's what happiness looks like when you buy it. Don't be that person.

She ruled Egypt long before Cleopatra, and there's a reason you haven't heard of her.

Are You In The Majority Of Everything? Check This Handy Chart.

The World as 100 People. I think these are so interesting, the 75 out of 100 people who own cell phones is mind blowing! Especially when you consider the other statistics like shelter and clean water! It's crazy how fast technology spreads!

He made an app to help himself and people like him with panic attacks.

No one knew how to help him during a panic attack, so this autistic man made an app to tell them.

Few Things Are More Beautiful Than These 2 Women Singing These 22 Words

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A Whole New Way To Think About Stress That Changes Everything We've Been Taught

Mind blown! great TED talk Stress isn't bad, but your beliefs about stress can harm you. Imagine if you interpreted signs of stress as good-- you're body's getting ready to cope with a challenge! and stress wants to connect you with others!!!! More

A brother and sister in the Philippines invented a lamp that runs entirely on metal and saltwater.

What we can learn from 6 kids who are masters of their anger

These kids know that mindfulness plays an important role in helping them relax and stay calm. Watch them explain how to be more mindful.

He Got A Good Idea From The Internet, Put It On A Cardboard Sign, And Made It Real

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