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Did anyone mention approval from Congress? Guess not, he's got a pen and a phone!

I looked this up, and it is true. 27% of Americans do indeed read below a 5th grade level.

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Please - don't become a Boehner, McConnell, or Graham!

America Our Last Best Hope For Freedom!!! #TedCruz2016

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Facebook Sunday …. Plus!

Cruz is fearless. Ask someone who doesn't get health care with their jobs!!

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Candidates Who Are Anti-Abortion and Birthright Citizenship

It doesn't take long to see that republicans put most of their energy into denying the rights of the population while protecting the rich and their corporations. Ted Cruz a fully owned subsidiary of Koch Industries, a TeaBagger.

Ted Cruz puts Obama’s internet give-a-away into startling perspective with one question

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The Billie Williams on

."We Can Stand For Principal" ~ Ted Cruz