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Cruz'ers don't have to attack Trump. We just tell people the TRUTH about the FRAUD CONSERVATIVE and that is called an attack!

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Attorney Heads Pro-Cruz, Anti-Trump Super PAC… | The Last Refuge | 1.26.16 |"This is one of those ah-ha moments when several political variables seem to reconcile simultaneously. There is a Super-PAC called “Stand for Truth” registered out of Lexington Kentucky headed by a guy named Eric Lycan. Mr. Eric Lycan was Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s lawyer during his re-election campaign against Matt Bevin. It’s a pro-Ted Cruz Super-PAC."

Sketchy Ted Cruz Campaign Fundraiser Recorded Telling Donors They Can Violate Finance Laws…| The Last Refuge | 4.9.16 |"Senator Ted Cruz has at least eight Super-PAC’s assisting his presidential campaign; & according to a recording obtained by Politico a Cruz’s campaign bundler was directing large donors toward one PAC specifically. The “Stand for Truth” PAC. However, the campaign appears to have, yet again, gone into the land of illegality with the following statement (via audio…

Ted Cruz Super PACs Offer $1.5 Million for Veterans if Donald Trump Will Debate Him One-On-One In Iowa … ‪#‎IowaCaucus‬ ‪#‎TCOT‬ ‪#‎CCOT‬ ‪#‎TedCruz2016‬

Pro-Cruz Super PAC Attacks Trump’s Wife in Ad – Then When Cruz’s Wife is Exposed, She Claims the Truth “Has No Basis in Reality” - Freedom Outpost

Yet Another FEC Inquiry Into Ted Cruz Sketchy Financial Statements – (84 page pdf)…| The Last Refuge | 2.22.16 | "No need to expand with commentary – the FEC filing speaks for itself. Read it and pay attention to the familiar names in the attachments:"

from National Review

What Ted Can Do

NRO has had some hit pieces published on Ted, but this one is not. Its nice to see them publish a pro-Ted Cruz article. Show them we support Ted by reading and sharing! What Ted Can Do

from CNN

Some truth behind Melania Trump photo fight -

As part of a partnership with, CNN's Jake Tapper examines the accuracy of Donald Trump's claim that Ted Cruz provided a photo of Melania Trump to a supporting auper PAC.

from First Draft

John Kasich Presses Super PAC to Pull Ad Assailing Ted Cruz

4/1/2016 John Kasich presses a Super PAC supporting him to pull ad assailing Ted Cruz.Commercial released by New Day for America depicts Cruz with a Pinocchio-like nose growing & wrapping around his neck - Among other things,it refers to an ad by a PAC Supporting Cruz that billionaire George Soros had provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of Mr. Kasich "If Ted Cruz's mouth is moving,he's lying" the ad concludes.