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Take a Cleansing Ritual Bath for Imbolc

Imbolc is known as a time of purification and cleansing. A great way to incorporate this into your magical practice is to take a ritual cleansing bath.

CREATING AND CHARGING SIGILS Before you even begin making and working with Sigils, you need to know what they are and why they work. I will be as direct as possible, keep it simple, since I will be providing further sources on them for further reading and understanding... So what are Sigils anyways? A sigils are a type of symbol or seal (often seen on talismans) that are created for specific magical intent.. Follow link for more. Thanks to Dark Goddess for the share!

"Spegilmynd" - Mirrors the negative impulses sent against yourself, and reflects them to the sender. The sigil will work advantageous on a amulet , deposited in a black bowl with water on a black mirror, or in a bucket of water, and then put by your bed. #sigils #pagan #paganism #witchcraft #asatru #magick #seidr #sigil