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I love Peter Capaldi as The Doctor. He's such a wonderful actor, and he's done a beautiful job with the role in spite of the crappy writing they've given him to work with for some of his episodes. He still manages to be The Doctor through it all. I hope he gets to have nothing but wonderful writing from now on. But, either way, I know I'll be very sad to see him go whenever they have The Doctor regenerate.

Ugh I hate all these pretentious old people. I was trick or treating with my friends this year and this one grandma had full sized candy bars but she gave us the smallest grossest jawbreaker from the bottom of the bowl because 'weren't we a little old to be trick or treating?' And I said no lady were not but I'll let you know if I see any small children around for you!!!!!

All I want is a simple life. A small house with a garden out back and chickens running amok. A place that sees colorful falls and white winters. A life where my kids grow up knowing the taste of fresh veggies, importance of hard work and feel of true love.

"You don't know heartbreak until you see your kid crying at his birthday party because not one single parent brought their kid even though they all RSVP'd."

♛ lowkey just wanna remind all these mules who are sayin that 'dany is gonna go crazy like the mad king and be the main villain of the story' that my homegirl ain't bein no tyrant. she has done some harsh things but only to facilitate freedom & justice in the long run. we all saw in 610 that cersei is the pyromaniac mad evil one, so let's not get too hasty about the khaleesi, eh? jeez ♛

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Lahaina, HI

Maui, Hawaii - All You Need to Know Before You Go | It's hard planning a trip to a place you've never been and I had so many questions when I was planning my first trip - what part of the island should I stay at? Should I spend time in different areas or just one? Can I do the Road to Hana in a day? Should I stay in a condo or a hotel? Do I really need a rental car? So many questions! I'm going to answer all of these plus provide some fabulous suggestions of what to see, do and eat along the…

YALE - A1096531 - - Brooklyn Please Share:TO BE DESTROYED 11/27/16 A volunteer writes: When I first met Yale, I liked him a lot. He had all the makings of a great family dog-He walks nicely on the leash, seems housetrained and sits on command. He has such a distinguished face-a little bit of white that lets you know he’s had a couple years under his belt and is more of the calm, easy going nature. But it wasn’t until our second encounter that I got to see him r

pumpkinbucky: ““ OMG Amy, this is the cutest and most hilarious thing ever seen re: Seb. submission from anonymous ” this is….. the cutest thing i’ve ever seen ”