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Honeymoon destinations: February As romance sizzles this month, things are also hotting up in some of the globe's most exotic corners.

Honeymoon destinations: December Up north, the weather’s likely to be cold and wet (go high altitude or latitude to swap rain for more-fun snow)

Honeymoon destinations: September A lovely month. The weatherʼs still nice on the doorstep and resorts in popular places (Italy, Croatia, Spain, Greece) are less crowded

Honeymoon destinations: August Schoolʼs out, and popular spots across Europe (Med resorts, Italian lakes) are a-swarm with tourists

Honeymoon destinations: June The month for polar opposites: midnight sun illuminates the far north, but it’s chilly in the far south

Honeymoon destinations: July Long days, clear skies and sunshine reign throughout Europe and right across Central Asia (though early July travel is better, to avoid school holiday crowds)

Honeymoon destinations: April Warming weather breathes life into our own backyard (the UKs countryside blooms), and also further afield – Europe, North America, Japan.

Honeymoon destinations: November From early snow (high Alps, North America, Hokkaido in Japan) to late sun (the Canaries, North Africa) there’s mixed fun to be had