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If you drop an ant from the top of the Empire State Building, will it die?

This list consists of Fiverr and sites that are similar to it where you offer your own micro jobs for sale. You can post any job that you can do — graphic design, writing, social media promotion, or even really wacky stuff, and get paid if someone buys your service. Fiverr is definitely the most …

I'd rather have a passport full of stamps than a house full of stuff. #travel #quotes

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How I Turned My Blog Into a Full Time Job, Part 4: Q & A with 17 Pro Bloggers

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Hear me when I tell you this: people who ignore you, until it suits them to talk wot you, are not worth your friendship or your time!

Today was the day from hell...but I shall stay positive

That's not what I was thinking of when looking at that top picture but okay.....

Science of Relationships - New developments in non-monogamous relationships. Worth a read!