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≫∙∙ Make a change. so maybe you cant control the wind; but you can always adjust the sails.

When Someone Says You've Changed It Simply Means You've Stopped Living Your Life Their Way

When someone says ‘You’ve Changed’ it simply means you’ve stopped living your life their way.

my dad always said, "Don't get old." I always replied, "Yeah, but what's the alternative?"

"Do not regret growing older, it is a privilege denied to many." {FromUpNorth} **Ahh, the wisdom of the bottle cap:-) Let us be grateful for age.

You Had Enough

You Had Enough

there is definitely a big difference between giving up. and knowing when you've had enough.

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"Just for a minute, forget about what's coming tomorrow." This should be my mantra when I'm lying there sleepless every night.

enough said

Love when this happens. though I don't understand what the teenager part has to do with anything.

"Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I've ever known" - Chuck Palahnuik, Invisible Monsters

I would LOVE to put, "I am the combined effort of everybody I've ever known" on my foot and then have people I love give me their signatures and I'd tattoo them so they wrap around my ankle. Yay or nay?

this one is for Sadie as well

When people hurt you over and over, think of them like sandpaper. They may scratch you and hurt you a bit but in the end, you end up polished and they end up useless. - Unknown *I am so thankful to not have people in my life like this, for now, but it i

words to live by....it would be great to frame quotes from the kids for our home and as gifts for grandparents

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This is an adorable quote that a kid came up with: "Sometimes you just need to take a nap and get over it." -So true!

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"True friendship is rare on earth. It means identifying with someone in thought, heart, and spirit. The whole experience of life is designed to enable us to enter into this closest relationship with Jesus Christ. Jesus is my only friend.