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Altoids kleenex napkins Tide-To-Go pen Tylenol and allergy medicine Hand sanitizer Floss/toothpicks Pepper spray Swiss Army Knife Beer and/or wine bottle opener Lighter $40 cash Stack of quarters Hand lotion Ball point pen Mini bottle of perfume / cologne Car freshener spray Wet wipes Gas-X / Tums Pancho Old ID/driver's license Small LED flash light Pony tails and bobby pins Car game Mini lint roller Car phone charger Pair of gloves (winter) Hand warmers (winter) Window breaker/seatbelt…

Electronic Projects For Beginners

Looking for IPHONE hacks well look no more you've came to the right place . From DIY  IPHONE cases to awesome IPHONE tripod s o enjoy            by : king of kings      and for new guide idea please Email me

10 curious uses for Altoids tins

Altoids charger For less than twenty bucks, you can make a portable battery pack for your laptop. (Mine has to be charged every two hours because I run it unmercifully.) Great article for other Altoid tin uses from Mother Earth.

Make A Cheap & Easy Solar USB Charger With An Altoids Tin

No matter in what situation you are in - camping trips, long road trips, conferences, all day long meetings, natural disaster, power outages or no access to an electrical outlet - a solar USB charger is a tool that can be very handy in charging your gadge

DIY Solar USB Charger - Altoids

DIY solar phone charger! Cool. Why? Just 'cuz and besides it fits in an Altoid box. I love stuff like this!

Create Your Own DIY Solar-Powered USB Charger For All Your Portable Gadgets!

a simple do-it-yourself solar USB charger that fits cozily in an Altoid tin! The DIY project will charge most mobile devices via USB using 2 rechargeable AA batteries and flexible thin-film solar panels. Read to learn what you need to build your own! 8-)

Top 10 Cellphone Accessories You Don't Need to Buy (Because You Can DIY Them for Cheap)

Top 10 Cellphone Accessories You Don’t Need to Buy (Because You Can DIY Them for Cheap) Great article - with links to all the different projects.