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pretty girls are menaces to society! AND THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! in fact, one of them is probably reading this RIGHT NOW- i bet I'm right, aren't i

Who? Why? Sebastian Stan. And because he can! (That rhymes rather conveniently...) But he is literally awesome!

Reminds me of Trouble when she adopted our boys.

*rolls eyes into back of head* you're stupid to believe that Moana is the only Disney Princess of color

I want this picture but with me holding Q and Ryan holding James

This is adorable lmao. Old people (yeah ik she's not THAT old but come one she'll be 70 next year) but old people are just adorable. Even if they are hillary clinton.

Capaldi is literally the best example of a gentlemen I wish to marry! Loves his wife and loves to make us all go AWWW