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from Grow a Good Life

Growing Summer Squash Vertically

Growing summer squash vertically by trellising or in tomato cages helps to save space, encourages air circulation, and allows the squash to be more visible reducing the chance of overgrowth. *Prevent pests and disease. Prune leaves under blossoms.*

via The Door Garden At this point it takes about 2 minutes to install the pvc pipes for the intermediate ribs - and the polytunnel takes shape. For a stronger, more permanant structure use more ribs and put them closer together - or even use larger pipe. I haven't tried it but I bet you…

Garden Plan - 2014: Backyard Garden, a lovely example of SFG with potatoes in pots, sunflowers and nasturtiums going next to each other alternatively to give both ground cover and height. Wonderfully arranged beds and a pumpkin and squash patch, a beautiful plan and look how much they are going to get from such a small area.