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Love made Hook who he was and who he is now. When Pan killed his brother he became a pirate. When Rumple killed Milah he became a villain. When he fell in love with Emma he became a hero.

If This doesn't explain why CaptainSwan isn't End Game I'm a bowl of soup! <--- left over from the last person but i left it cus i thought it was hilarious considering my relationship with soup

mary and francis

[GIFSET] "According to your mother, that is also a common effect among Scottish women.

Her first ball...with Hook...and her parents never even knew she was there...how odd.

Hook, you've officially replaced Sheriff Skinny Jeans in my heart. Why the heck do I still watch this show?>>>>> because it's AMAZING

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Edit by ADISNEYFLURRY on Instagram #cinderella #disney