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Lord Byron’s Epic Poem “Don Juan,” Annotated by Isaac Asimov and Illustrated by Milton Glaser

Illustrations by Milton Glaser of Lord Byron's epic poem “Don Juan,” annotated by Isaac Asimov. Doubleday, 1972 | Click to see more of Milton Glaser's illustrations...

Superman for All Seasons (Paperback) by DC Comics

In this coming-of-age tale witness the experiences and adventures that transform a simple country boy into the world's greatest hero. Told through the course of four seasons in the Man of Steel's adol

The New Annotated H. P. Lovecraft by H. P. Lovecraft

Person of the Year 2008

TIME Magazine person of the year 2008. One of the most influential and well known posters on a cover. The graphic element makes unrealistic with personal combined. Minimal colour pallette emphasizes the colours that are utilized - symbolic to America (red, white and blue). Very centralized and bold image. Layout = one dominant element, no distractions and draws attention.

"The National Magazine Of Texas" Using that same style seen in many other political magazine overs with the enlarged-head. Significance of importance the person on the magazine is. Cartoon style, bright use of colours, even in the background.