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How To Survive Without Electricity

How To Survive Without Electricity( Some ass' idea of humor...get a slave) . Wash your own damned clothes! What a novel idea! @#$%!&!

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Learn Tai Chi For Beginners Step-by-Step . Tai Chi Chuan is a kind of moving meditation with ancient roots in Chinese martial arts.

15 Holiday Decorating Trends That Will Be Huge This Season

CIRCULAR LIGHT FORMATIONS Who knew that painting some Hula-Hoops black, wrapping them in lights and hanging them from the ceiling could transform a room into a magical winter art exhibit? Try this for your next holiday party if you really want to impress the guests

Housewife Hacks: Tips on Laundry, Dishes, & Groceries

my laundry room IDEAL (with the addition of a few windows for natural light, oh, and someone to do the laundering. ha.)

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