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If David and I ever have 3 girls (Caroline is our #3 girls name) I'm going to print out these lyrics in pretty colors and put on the wall of her room :-)

If i had a boyfriend...I'd want him to know these things. Then i'd want to know all the things HE wants me to know ;) It can't be just about me. Selfish love never lasts long

I've never been a fan of pets after i had to give my dog away as a child Confession!! :'( but i come to know how to Love every beautiful creation :] someday

i love this so much i'm accually crying right now!!!! it just brought back soooo many beautiful memories!!!!!! *stars crying even more*

100 Ways To Say I Love You

I'll never be able to put into words how much I love you, Andy! You're my rock and the love of my life!