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Achref Bouteraa young Tunisian sculptor sitting in a café in Tunis. This is chedly ben ibrahim @tunisianphotojournalist sharing my work about some portraits of Tunisian artists who are "fighting" against several obstacles to live with their art. Achref Bouteraa is a young Tunisian sculptor a graduate of Fine Arts. Like all young Tunisian plastic artists Achref tries to turn his passion his main job. Because of the lack of means and the aids of the Tunisian state Achref is obliged to…

Capitol Contributor: Maria Dora Making knitwear “functional” and “sentimental.” “Knitwear is a very personal thing,” . “My aesthetic is pretty nomadic in origin,” she says. “But it’s grounded in minimal shape and volume.” she says. The cowl was woven entirely by hand and it took two people several weeks to knit it. Right now, Dora is focused on directional ribbing for a linear effect and experimenting with chain mail and metal rings that need to be woven in by hand.

The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts while the stupid ones are full of confidence | Anonymous ART of Revolution

Sorry for the profanity. Most things people talk about are TV, celebrities, gossip about other people, etc. and the truth is I don't care about any of it. Talk about the environment, new energy, misuse of oil and plastic, healthy living, efficiency, helping people, ect. I am more than willing to participate in the conversation.

africaisdonesuffering: Artist Lounge: “Waste on Canvas” The sole use of plastic is something I never thought I would associate with astounding creativity but meet Mbongeni Buthelezi, South Africa’s renowned artist, well known for his distinctive, subjective and inventive art style utilizing plastic and a canvas. Buthelezi has joined the green revolution by using waste to create art by ‘painting’ in recycled plastic.

This isn't your typical roundup of crafts that recycle plastic bottles - see 27 incredibly creative ways people have upcycled their plastic bottles!

A Sculptural Cloud of Plastic Bottles Illustrates One Hour of Trash in NYC http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2014/07/a-sculptural-cloud-of-plastic-bottles-to-illustrate-one-hour-of-trash-in-nyc/

A computer is a versatile machine. It can do nearly anything—but does nothing until instructed by software. Creating the programs our civilization now depends on involves science, engineering, and craft. Software is a kind of literature, written for both computers and people to read. But it’s also a business: making, selling, and supporting it is a multi-billion dollar industry.

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