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Matt Bellamy has the most beautiful voice in the alternative rock genre. He can (and should) sing in an opera.

I was listening to their music when I was struck with an amazing idea, who better to do a cover of Phantom of the Opera than Mattew Bellamy himself? His vocal range is perfect and with his own Muse twist he could just make the already perfect Phantom music a masterpiece? Repin this and you never know it could just happen.

matthew bellamy from muse. i'm utterly amazed by his voice but OMG HE LOOKS LIKE A FUCKING SPARROW NO

Why does this edit exist? Why am I pinning this? Have I lost all sanity? Muse, Muse, and yea.

Muse - Matt Bellamy Dominic Howard Christopher Wolstenholme

Matthew Bellamy_21 November 2006 — Wembley Arena, London, UK