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We know that music brings joy and solace, and makes us feel happy," Spencer says. "But research has also discovered music plays a powerful role in the cognitive development of children. Music inspires creativity, imagination and self-expression. It also builds self-esteem and is good for memory skills."

The Science of How Music Enchants the Brain, Animated

Music makes us happy. It makes us dance and sing; it makes us laugh and cry and love and want more and more music! Why do we love it so much? It turns out the answer is neuro-biological, going all the way down to our deepest brain chemistry.

Massive Wind-Activated Sound Sculpture Sings Eerie Songs (Video)

I first saw Bill Harley at the Greek Theatre at a Mother's Day concert on a bill with Little Richard, Sting, and many more. Bill stole the show and still fills me with wonder and awe. If you ever have a chance to see him in concert... GO!

Einstein is best known for his contributions to science. But did you know that his passion for music was also an important factor in his work?

Landfill Harmonic - In Cateura, Paraguay, is a town built on a landfill. The children there have an orchestra using instruments built from found garbage.