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Men's "Respect the Solo" Design T-Shirt

This is a Black Mens T Shirt, with a custom made design Respect the Solo and a picture of a guitar in white writing. Designed by Fretfunk Guitar Accessories.

Be Bold for your Bass. Coloured stings with no compromise on sound or colour.

Fretfunk classic or deluxe edition Pick holders are a great gift for any guitar playing dad on fathers day. The unique design means they are not available in the shops. or in USA. for a 15% discount use code ff15.

Strap Mounted Guitar Pick Holder - Deluxe Edition

Fretfunk Deluxe edition Pick holder is made great for holding up to 6 picks and fits onto any guitar strap. Only £5.49 or $7.99 from or .com if in USA. Perfect gift for Dad

Leather Acoustic Strap Button – Fretfunk. If your dad is still using an old bootlace to attach his guitar to his strap, try this leather alternative. It is gently on the guitar and will not damage the headstock. Only £5.99. Genuine Leather made in the UK. Can be shipped internationally.

Coming soon to the Fretfunk website only, gift boxes with coloured strings and straps :)

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