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from Lori Schumaker

A Prayer for Our Children to Follow Jesus {Moments of Hope

If our children follow Jesus, everything else will fall into place. He will give them purpose and He will take all they do, successes and failures, and make a good come out of them. If you want your children to follow Jesus, you need to pray. This prayer is a place you can start. A Prayer for Our Children to Follow Jesus - #MomentsofHope - Lori Schumaker

Well it feels like forever since I took part in a challenge with the Just Add Ink team. I've been so busy with everything else happening th...

Just as our lives need tidying up from time to time, so do our libraries.  Decluttering the library can be daunting at first, but it’s totally worth it.  Here’s some more on why we should tidy up: The Magic of Tidying Up Your Library: An AASL Post I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo last year.  Here’s how I describe what I learned from that book: The basic idea is that you should only keep things in your home that spark joy in your heart. Everything else (and she…

PLEASE SHARE AND REPIN if you dislike the new combination and organization of news and repins. I have greatly reduced using pinterest because I simply have no idea who is repining from my boards. It takes me five clicks and ten windows. I hate it!

"I do not lightly meddle in other people's affairs. That's been Demelza's way. I think she would also say that life holds very few things which are genuinely worth having. And if you possess them, then.... nothing else matters. And if you don't possess them, then... everything else is worhless" - Ross, Caroline and Dwight #Poldark ((Yess!! At last, he finally came to his senses!!))

If you've been feeling stressed, worried or anxious lately, the angels want you to know there's nothing to worry about! Worrying will only attract the very thing you're afraid of, so focus only on the positive. The Super Moon is perfect timing to release all of your fears and worries, along with anything else that no longer serves you, to the angels and the universe. Have faith and know that everything will turn out better than expected! #angels #tarot #guidance #fullmoonrelease…

Our favorite thing about people you love croaking is that it causes you to turn your attention to something that will serve you so well, because if you can find them, you've found alignment with who you are. And when you find alignment with who you are, it puts everything else in perspective. And until you do that you cannot find anything.