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It's tea time! You know when you're at a restaurant and the waiter shows you all the pretty tea packets, so nicely lined up? Well, here you go. (It works for kids' drink mixes too.)
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Organize hair supplies - Adjustable tackle box for all those pins, clips, bands, bobbies, etc.
Organize Cabinet with Plastic Containers | Click Pic for 16 DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas on a Budget | DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces
For starters, it is important to gather all of your paper clutter into one place. This will help you get started. Although it may seem overwhelming at first, it will actually make it easier to tackle. Now, pull out all of the bills and other important mail RIGHT AWAY if you know they need urgent attention. …
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Fantastic idea for band season!!!   Lose Bobby Pins? Put Them In Tic Tac Container