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Texas Teenager Diane Tran Jailed for Working Hard

"Carrie" promotion

Angry Young Woman Uses Her 'Telekinetic Powers' in a NYC Cafe

Angry Young Woman Uses Her ‘Telekinetic Powers’ in a NYC Cafe

fresh face with matte bright lip #makeup

elizabeth olsen - beautiful fresh face- my favorite kind of make up

Rancid by RandoWis.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Rancid by RandoWis

When 9gaggers have sleep paralysis

When have sleep paralysis

Respawn! #007: Dark Tastes! by Deva and Harold

by Deva and Harold

Katara is great, but Elsa is fine the way she is too. :)

[No Spoilers] I want an Elsa with dark skin

An awesome female role model. Katara is the alpha. Katara is the ultimate.

Woman Catches Her Husband Cheating. Then He Says This. CLASSIC JOKE!

Woman Catches Her Husband Cheating. But a joke? Thought it was real. Even if it's not, I'm standing up for the husband there

I love this XDDDD

This is genius!

Invisible folder tutorial...

Invisible folder tutorial...

Pinning for writers who have people in their lives that likes to see what you are working on Infographic.How to create an Invisible Windows Folder